Bad Idea – Day 8 Illinois-ing

Sorry I didn’t write last night. I’ll do 2 today.  I finally got to sleep in. Thank goodness, but it’s back to work today. 4 Hours to Wright State University, which I believe is near Dayton, OH.


I am so glad that I got rest I was starting to go fricking nuts. Being out on the road when I was Dane, Al, and Gleib was so fun, because there was always someone to talk to… Oh and we played arena’s because DC is the man.  Out here, it’s just you alone with your thoughts and an endless sea of very young new strangers.

When I was younger, I thought touring would find me sex, romance, excitement, creativity and insanity. Turns out, on occasion, it has provided all of that, but this time, it’s work and work with a little more work. I loving what you do is important, but it also helps to be fearless and crazy as fuck. Younger comics ask me for advice almost daily. I have no idea. I say the same thing: Write constantly.

I mean that, but I keep forgetting to add, no pain.

“Wheels go round and round… you’re on my mind.” – Steve Perry

“And by you, I mean… everything always..” @thechrisarmy


Oh fuck! I have to leave. It’s like 11 something!


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  • andrea on Aug 25, 2012 Reply

    “fearless and crazy as fuck” Awesome!

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