Bad Idea Tour Detroit, Illinois, Rape and Scary Strip Club

Texas was the Hottest place ever. Well, not all of Texas, just Houston. The show was fine, despite the fact that they made an interesting poster of me (it was well done) having me look like a Mariachi Jesus. Again, whomever did it, did a fine job, but I was like, “Wow, did I ever really look like that?” Ha!  Banged out the show, even though my opening act, “Free Food,” was tough to compete with.

Hit the road and got to Detroit. I played the Magic Bag and was lucky enough to have jammed with Mark Teich, an incredible singer that sang on my last CD and Graham Cousens, a former bad member. It was an honor to share the stage with them both. Both masters at their craft.

Afterwards, went to Fifth Ave in Royal Oak, my favorite local hang and convinced my close pal Matty to come help me drive for the next few days.

Last night was Galesburg Illinois and Knox college. I played in a church. Yep. A church. My opening act was a seminar on mixed signals or how to not get raped. “Ladies and Gentleman, don’t get raped. And now… comedy.”   Strangely enough, I got a standing ovation from the kids. I am guessing that it was partially because I was funny, but mostly because I didn’t rape them. Rape isn’t funny. As an opening act, it bombed.

After the show, Matty and I hit a dive called Duffy’s where there was a 45 year class reunion (Total hotties) and a man that wouldn’t stop talking to us about why his life sucked and how to end up at 36 as an assistant manager at Jimmy Johns with a bitch ex wife and a 12 year son. It was delightful.

We drove by a strip club and stopped, but since there was only one car in the lot and a 3 dollar cover, we tapped out. Big day today. A lot of driving. 4 hours to Chicago to play a day party and then 4 to somewhere in Wisconsin to play a night one.  I’m tired, but I don’t live on a couch, and I fucking love this.  Be good ninja’s ttys


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