Day 10 a much needed brain rest

2 planes 210 mile driving and three cities. Not much to report today, because it’s a day off. I think it’s such a weird thing to be this army of one. I spend a lot of my time singing country music and having dance offs with myself in a car while not dancing. I am in a hotel in Salisbury, MD. You know where that is, it’s near Fruitland. You know where that is, it’s I have no fucking idea.  I feel like the Kid Rock song Picture, minus the girls and the drugs and the whiskey.  However, I am in a hotel and there is a certain picture I look at a lot and there is a specific girl that I wish would miss me. However, that ship has sailed.  Yet I still stand by the dock hoping that it will reappear and hug me, but it’s just oceans of yesterdays.  Sigh…

I will settle for watching Friends and staying up as late as I can so that I can sleep in, work out, do the show and then slip into the D undetected for some downtime and a show or two at Ridleys, but then I am back running to TN and Maryland again.

Good news though, this hard work has paid off so far, I move into my new place in LA on the first. NO MORE FLOORS and COUCHES. Yay!

10 days down 80 plus to go.

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  • Julie on Aug 26, 2012 Reply

    In 2005, we drove cross country with your brand new BMW. Within the hour, my Redbull bursted – whoops. We were on our way to your show in Missouri or somewhere in the middle of the state… the crowd sucked but your jokes were cool. We drank heavily and drove miles through darkness. One joke I can remember, you said while waking through your 10 hour nap, “Julie, do you think it’s racist if people call it black ice!?”

    You shared how you would be famous one day…

    Fast forwarding to now, it proves that BMW’s are simply a machine. Hence, the real headliner is the growth through your tenacious work ethic and desire to succeed. The headliner you believed in Detroit has become The Chris Army….

    Proud friend. <3

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