Day 9 Strippers Tickets Killer shows

Yesterday. No planes, so it was already a good start. I was pulled over in Indiana for doing 90 in a 70, not cool I guess, but as all randomness would have it, the cops child, followed me on twitter and he saw me on AGT so I was issued a warning.

Cop: James C as in J Chris?

Me: Yes

Cop: You’re hilarious. Slow the fuck down. My son told me I couldn’t give you a ticket. So Here’s a warning.

Me: Awesome!

Then I got to Wright State in Dayton where my check was made out to my agent and not me. Awesome (Sarcasm)

The show was a blast and afterwards I hung out with some students and we went to a hip hop bar and then a strip club named Cheeks. The cool thing about strip clubs is that the girls pay attention to you, but then again so do fruit flies, and they are equally as disturbing. That said, if only fruit flies had tits… sigh.


Anyway, I’m up. I’m up… Here I come Maryland.

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