Don’t Look Now, but I think….

I think I am getting a fan base. In a world of fast paced social media and hit singles with no follow up and youtube videos that make stars, I have went back to basics. Brick by brick, one fan at a time, I have built and continue to build a fan base.  This is from handing out CD’s, playing every show possible, staying after and taking pictures, signing, speaking to anyone who wants to. I also respond to all my fans.

I learned a lot of it from Dane Cook. I learned a lot of it from REM and believe it or not, emcee Hammer. Just get your stuff out there. We are nothing without the people that are kind enough to let us perform for them.

Right now, the Chris Army is the size of a sleeper cell, but it’s growing. Slowly, but upward.  I really can only thank you kids.

Today, Chattanooga. Tomorrow, the world






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