Highway Runs…

I am in my hotel in Tampa, FL and I have some Chicago on my brain and some Tampa and some wherever else I have been. I find that on this tour, my closest friends are strangers and temporary passers by. It’s so hard to maintain any kind of friendship or relationship with anyone back in the real world because I give everything I have to not getting sick, driving, exercising, writing, sleeping, flying, the pre show, the show, the post show… whatever. When I do touch base, I am so over the top thankful to be talking or texting anyone that I spook them or scare them away with my intensity. Out on the road I’m a killer, juggler, thief, con man, hobo, wizard, showman and journeymen. Married to many and loved by none.

Thank you to @jaydaviscomedy for his help and to @nickybernal for their support.


It’s weird. Being alone as I am, sometimes makes me want to be alone. Or with people, so I can hide. This life creates social awkwardness. It’s like a rocket, that you own and operate, but it also owns and operates you.

I have to shower.  Many the miles ahead.

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