In My Mind I’m Going To Carolina

As luck would have it, I rocked out Virginia, Elon NC and Then Virginia and was lucky enough to get a day off. My opener John and I decided to spend it in Charleston, SC. This my friends, is one of the prettiest places on earth. Not because of all the water, but because of the women. Holy Frogs does that town have some pretty faces.  We watched the Lions get slammed by the 9ers and then trolled the town that smelled like horse poop and then got in around 5 am. Was delightful.

We drove to Savannah today and tonight is Sold out I guess. Cool. I am so tired. I have been out for roughly 31 days and zi am feeling it. I am tired as fuck, but blessed to be tired as fuck. I am also starting to figure out how write while tired. I think this is great practice for when I get a writing gig. I do love the road though. Everything about it. The sights, the smells, the strangers, the peanut m&m’s, that feeling of wanting to go home, followed by the sudden realization that this has everything in my life right now that is important to me: My guitar, the road, the fans and me talking to strangers for 70 minutes a night hoping to maybe gather 30 new followers and sell a cd or two.  I am home.

Speak soon kidlets.  Oh and instagram your water. It’s funny.

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