No Excuses. Do the work

When we last left our hero I think I was in Detroit. Well, I played at The MAgic Bag and then did a home show or two for some kind yet occasionally snarky Ad execs. Then I flew to BWI and then to Newark where I picked up an opener, my friend John Campanelli.

We drove a bunch. Shocker. We did shows. Shocker. The first night was in New Jersey and then after we swung by Atlantic City. Never been. Probably never go again. It as plain and simply, white trash craziness. That is all I will say. Okay, I’ll say more.  I now get why The Jersey Shore was huge. Those types of people are very real. Funny.

Yesterday we drove to Virginia where I did a show at The university of Mary Washington.  Weird show. Was in a cafeteria, and all girls.  To girls on FB and twitter, I’m adorable. To 18 year old college kids in person, I am old and creepy. Love it. Welcome to life kidlets.

My friend Adam lives in Fredricksburg, so he took us to a porch party. It was cool seeing him etc, but I was beat. I split. John stayed and tried to bang a BWW waitress. I was in bed and slept early. I win.  This has been the first road trip I have been on where I am all about the work.  It’s hard not to be.  Tough schedule.  I love all of you, except 23 of you.

I’ll write tonight.

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