Review from the Road

Music and laughter rang throughout the room on Thursday night as guitar-holding comedian J. Chris Newbergperformed at the SAC 9:09 Comedy Series in Watkins Auditorium.

A Birmingham, Michigan, resident, Newberg was the first comedian in this year’s line-up of the comedy series.

Although Newberg was late due to a flight delay, he came in with a punch.  The jokes he dished out produced side-splitting and hunched-over-and-can’t-breathe kind of laughter that livened up the auditorium.

“He had a dry sense of humor, but he was witty with it,” said junior International Business major Kayla Thomas.

Newberg’s style of comedy is targeted toward adults with his category of jokes, as he called out, being a blend of clean, dirty, smart, controversial and witty. His style was unique, unexpected and modern with jokes like, “It is safe to say that Rosa Parks was undefeated at musical chairs.”

“I liked him; he was funny,” said senior French major Ethan Hoffman.

Newberg has been featured on season six of America’s Got Talent, Comedy Central, The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has toured with stand-up comedian and film actor Dane Cook. Many known comedians have even used his original jokes like Late Night with David Letterman, Chelsea Lately and The Conan O’Brien Show.

Newberg is getting more and more recognition with his Twitter page, T-shirts, CDs, and Facebook. He is currently developing a show for NBC with “Deal or No Deal’s” Howie Mandel.

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