September 5th -So much

The tour rages on. When we last left our hero, I was on my way to Tennessee.  Since then, I did, TN, Maryland, where I got to see my High School Prom date and then it was to LA where I was going to get into my new place and not be homeless any longer. I was also supposed to take three days off. I got into my new place, but hadn’t switched the electricity over, FUCK ME, so I was the king of candles for three days.  I also, played at The Laugh Factory Sat, Comedy and Magic Club on Sun and The Parlor on Monday.

So, in short, more travel and no days off.

Last night was the first night of shows every night until the 22nd. I did San Marco’s last night (Texas State) and I am gonna blog this, send in a Voice over audition and then drive to Houston.

Excited for tomorrow, but a little nervous. Playing my favorite club in Ferndale, MI (Magic Bag) but ticket sales are weak. I might only play in front of 12 people.  Ha!  The road of the comedy hero. It’s hard to be loved in your home town and until you really have made it.

Here are some pics from the last few days. I won’t go this long without writing again, but remember no electricity or internet… so I get a mulligan.





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