Two days off in Detroit and A lifetime Yesterday in Travel Hell

HAd so much fun in The D. Was able to do a pop in at the Comedy Caste; where it all started and then off to see Bobby and James jam at Royal Oak Brewery. I was supposed to not play, but I did 2 shows.

So looking forward to The Bag on the sixth.

I saw a horse in front of a bank, a torn up air strip, the Reefermen, strippers, Sarah Sarah Sarah at Fifth and the coolness of Steve Taylor, Matty, and Suzanne. I will always fight for and love the D.

Yesterday was tough. I was up at 5Am. Returned my rental to DTW and then I was stuck there for five hours. When I got to DC, my Memphis flight was cancelled due to daylight or some bullshit, so I had to fly to Nashville. Then Drive 3.5 hours to U TN Martin. I went on stage the second I got there, did an hour and then drove to Memphis where this AM I hopped a plane to Charlotte, then back to DC. I have another two hour drive and then a show and then back in Los Angees tomorrow. Fuck! This is so fun, but the travel is a bitch.


Anyway, here are some pics…



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