Carolina, Had some disturbingly hot girls. Too bad, I had zero time to do anything other than window shop. Who are we kidding, I know that I joke and talk about sex constantly, but the last fucking thing I wanna do is get the herp from some townie. Sorry, Old guy kicking in.

Side note: I need to get laid.

Sider Note: Not by some townie…

And so it is. John Campanelli was out with me last week and he helped with driving and cold opens and did a great job. We joked, we laughed and did a lot of nothing other than late night driving, day sleeping, talking and connecting with strangers. Last night after the show in NC, we drove 577 miles to New Jersey.  I flew to Maryland where I am now… Waiting to go back to Michigan. Lansing tonight and Tomorrow and Saturday with a college show at Albion. Because I love you, I can tell you.. I need to shower. I need to do laundry. It’s gross.

Siderer note. I hate kids. Stop fucking looking at me. I am writing my blog that 3 of you will read.

Okay one hour and fifty minutes to kill before I fly again. I also stole a pillow from the Holiday Inn in somewhere. I also need to feel.  I am tired. I am not complaining, just sharing.

Be careful what you wish for. I have come to learn that in this entertainment business, no one cool gives a fuck about you because they are worried about maintaining their own blessing and streak of luck. So, do what I did, bring it to the people.

Like the movie, Red Dawn. They were small, but mighty and hey who knew Charlie Sheen would end up having more money than the Russians? I’ll tell you who, Charlie did. Hope is for suckers. Make your own way. And watch some get out of it and hopefully, many hop on.


I want love. I will find it. I want the world. I will have it. I want The Kid Rock song Picture minus all the bullshit. I simply want a good girl to miss me.  Thought I had it. Didn’t- Oh well, Onward and upward


I want a cookie.  BUT NOT FROM A TOWNIE!!!  What is wrong with you people?!



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  • Andrea on Sep 20, 2012 Reply

    To achieve shit most peeps dont….. Gotta be willing to do shit most peeps wont !!

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